Technology and The Positive Learning Environment

Technology and The Positive Learning Environment

Technology is trending, so it should be in the classrooms too – this is my opinion. If daily learners are using technology; and are expected to even in the workplace then this is apart of what stimulates the learner- as some would say maybe even over stimulate them. Then why change how the learner is stimulated, this is apart of their regular environment.

I do think technology such as phones can distract students, but then what can educators do different to use these distractions as a learning tool. I think if technologies that cause distractions can be incorporated into the educators instructional strategies or delivery methods outcomes, it would be favorable overall. For example, if an interactive tool is on the learners phone ,and is connected with a presentation displayed in class, and a list of students logged in are on that display it would make the students aware and responsible – and not  get distracted.

Please read the article attached to support using phones for learning.


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