Activity two


Woodward, C.A. (2000). Issues in health services delivery Improving provider skills: Strategies for assisting health workers to     modify and improve skills: Developing quality health care – a process of change (Centre for Health Economics and Policy Analysis discussion paper 1), (pp.16). Retrieved from
Studies report that the rate of inappropriate health care and errors during care giving has increased. One element of implementing quality care systems in healthcare includes educational strategies that emphasize on the process of change and overcoming barriers. Solutions described in the discussion paper outline methods to motivate healthcare professionals, so they can accept change.  Introducing activities, events, continuing education, self-evaluation, incentives for the health care professional, middle management leadership and partnering to develop training programs that monitor and evaluate change,  can promote positive changes for quality care. “Educational materials, seminars, hospital rounds and conferences are useful in alerting the health care professional about changes that are occurring” (Woodward. 2000, p.16).


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