Creating a Positive Learning Environment

Creating a Positive Learning Environment

The learners I present to are from diverse backgrounds and are knowledgeable adult learners, this being the reason why I picked this article. By adapting my plan, being flexible on how and what I present to these learner, I can reinforce a positive learning environment. Through discussion I can create a positive environment, by discovering how the knowledgeable adult learner can to relate to the new information provided in the training. I can present the training in an informal setting with more dialogue and less information conveying, the learner will be more open to learning. In this ASTD published article “ How To Create A Good Learning Environment” (2006, p. 7-8), it characterizes how the instructor can be an effective one; by being the expert at the subject, being prepared, being interested in the learner, being flexible and respectful, maintaining a calm demeanor. I plan to use these tips and evolve to become more effective as an educator.


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