Creating My Digital Presentation

Reflecting on making the digital presentation


Develop a digital presentation on an instructional strategy, max 5 minutes, least 3 references and post it on-line.


There was no prior knowledge in developing the digital presentation. The closest association to developing a presentation as such was PowerPoint presentation. My first first thought was to ask family and friends what they recommend. I find this technique helps with receiving opinion from a trusted source, also I find people like to talk about their ability and usually dwell on the topic more than they have to which is a benefit in this case. So my son was the trusted resource, he suggested Prezi, he also gave me some tips on how to use the program. However, I also wanted to see what other programs were offered . So I did my research. I tried a couple and decided to go with my trusted recommendation Prezi.

I have always been computer savvy, this gave me the confidence that I can adapt to working with Prezi to create the presentation. I watched one tutorial on the Prezi website and started the creation process. I knew there were going to be challenges, but I also knew that there will be many resources available at my finger tips, literally. I did find myself making excuses at times when I reached the challenges, but recognized (thinking why am I thinking like this), that this was my way of trying to resolve the challenges. Also, there were too many resources that were available online for the Prezi program, and narrowing down which ones I needed to use for the creation was a process on its own. I knew if I kept notes on the process on developing the Prezi presentation that the notes can help. Overall, this was a self-directed project, I was engaged right from the start of the creation, to me it didn’t feel like I had to schedule in time, I was drawn to continuing the completion of it on a regular basis. Also I want to share that I had a major stumbling block throughout the process, my laptop completely shut down and broke. So as a learner it caused me to be anxious, I developed a plan on how to handle the stumbling block , I communicated openly with my instructor,  which I am thankful off,  that I was able to have more time to complete my projects. This made me realize that things  can happen out of the learners control, and that understanding what is happening and why it is happening  to the learner, helps understand why and what they are doing during the course.  I also learned that creating a safe environment for the learner to communicate clearly without fear approaching the educator is something I plan to make sure I practice as an instructor – just like you did Doug.

Interpretive and Decisional

I recognize I was engaged and motivated completing the project, however all students might not be. Self-direction is ok if the learner is motivated, as an instructor I want to try to use methods to find out who is engaged and who is disengaged early on, before the learner is completed disengaged. In my case our self-direction had no book or manual, I realized after this project that offering students links, or a manual or video with instructions would help too. I would also create a community of learners for the learner to learn from other learners. In this case we weren’t working as a group, but I also learned that I would assign projects as for a group of learners to work on together. While I am writing this reflection, I now have learned that I could have used previous 3250 student’s blogs to learn how they created their digital presentation. These made me recognize the importance of offering access to past projects and assignment for my learner to review and think about their process.

Overall, creating the digital project offered me insight on the importance of having different methods for instructions to learn. For this particular project the online tutorials and videos seemed to help guide me to complete the project. Additionally the learner being actively engaged during the project is a positive learning experience for the learner.

My Notes Page during the creation. – use it as a resource

Creating the digital presentation

Looked up programs to use.

Posted in a forum to share and get ideas from other learners no free demo


Aasked Doug two questions for clarification.

Didn’t know how to use this site, I need a tutorial or more information.


Watch this video- I decided not to use it for my presentation, but it is good to watch- it is about an unprepared educator.


Why do we need instructional strategies?


I decided on project topic – Brainstorming


Adding background music


How to create an animation in Prezi




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