Learning Styles

Learning Styles

Educators should find methods for various learning styles- that has been the norm for most educators. Though this concept seems  to be the acquired technique for student centered learning strategies, it is one of the concepts that seems to stir up mixed opinions. From the article “Matching Teaching Style To Learning Style May Not Help Students” a study was conducted that outlined students using the same learning style for a task assigned, the results were not significant to prove that different learning styles should apply to accommodate learners with different learning styles (V.A.K). Therefore, an educator should complement their instructions to the content they are teaching by developing skills to deliver to all learning styles, and providing different delivery methods. An educator will have various styles of learners to teach to for the same course; visual, auditory, kinesthetic, a combination or some other classifications of learners- therefore the educator is more aware that the content delivery needs to be well versed.






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