New Insight

     For the “Trends and Roles Blog” assignment I found an article that I could relate to, which is based on adult educator roles in medical education –  “The good teacher is more than a lecturer the twelve roles of the teacher” . The article defines the twelve teacher roles in medical education.

     The article summarizes findings from twelve medical students, literature on teacher roles and an analysis by Harden et al. In the summary there are six activities that describe a teachers role; information provider, role model, facilitator, assessor, planner, and resource developer. These six roles are subdivided to make a total of twelve roles. Depending on the role, some roles need more medical ability and some more educational expertise .The correlation between the student, teacher and curriculum also determines the educators role. Changes in medical education develops a need in new education strategies for the curriculum planning, and for the role of the teacher. Self-directed learning is one of the changes in medical education, this shifts the focus more on the student and less on the teacher, giving the student the autonomy to learn and have a rewarding experience, which is better to motivate the learner.

    I have worked in the medical field for more than 15 years in many job positions with different organizations. I knew who the obvious educators were in these organizations, such as a trainer, a computer lab teacher – these educators were a part of my learning process, when I needed new employee training, or when I chose to take a computer lab class. I realize now that there were other educators that were a part of my learning process throughout my work life; clinical nurse educator, policy maker, material creator, researcher, managers that coached and mentored me and sales trainers. I have a new understanding of how many people are a part of teaching in the medical education,and a stronger feeling of appreciation for adult education.

     New insights for me working on the “roles” section of this assignment is having a thorough understanding  of who the educators are in the medical education process and how medical educational strategies focus on self-directed learning. I liked that I could relate my past experiences to my new insight findings.


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